Topography and drainage   

Topography is the arrangement of natural and artificial physical features of an area. Drainage is the removal of both surface and subsurface water. It can either natural or manmade/ artificial. It is necessary to avoid flooding and other damage.

The Kerio River binds Elgeyo Marakwet County on the eastern side. From its alluvial plain the topography gradually rises towards the west. The Elgeyo Escarpment stands out distinctly and causes elevation differences up to 1500M. IN Northern and Southern part of the county, the topography is rugged giving way to more subdued relief differences going westwards.

The underlying geology mainly consists of gneisses from the basement system. The Cherangani Hills rise gently to form the western half of the Great Rift Valley. It extends Northwest in a broken chain to Mount Moroto in Uganda. Non-volcanic in origin, Cherangani Hills resulted from subsequent erosion of the raised western ridge of the Eastern Rift Valley.

Many of the summits are covered by huge groundsels and lobelias. Some of the hills include Kamelogon (3581M), Chebon (3775m), Chepkotet (3370M), Alaleigelat (3350M), and Sodang (3211M).