A weapon is any implement or device that can be used with intent to inflict damage or harm. Weapons are used to increase the efficacy and efficiency of activities such as hunting, crime law enforcement and self-defence.

In traditional societies, in this context among the Kalenjin, the arms of the fighting men consisted of a spear, shield, sword and a club. By the late 19th century, up to four kinds of spears representing various eras and areas were in use.

The use of weapons has been observed among chimpanzees leading to some speculation that early hominids used weapons as early as 5 million years ago. The earliest ancient weapons were evolutionary improvements of late Neolithic implements but significant improvements in materials and crafting techniques led to a series of revolutions in military technology.

Women involvement in cattle rustling between the Marakwet and the Pokot communities have led to use of highly sophisticated small arms and light weapons and increasingly active role of women.

The greater Rift Valley’s problem with guns and militarization dates back to colonial days and the government’s systemic isolation of nomadic pastoralism. Nomadic pastoralists have armed themselves over the years due to proximity of conflict rife countries and the government’s inability to guard them.